Backup Your Brain Memory

Scientist in London have said that in next twenty years human can even take back up of their brain just like we take back up of our files and its content in our computer system.And by saying back up of brain they mean back up of memories including each and every thought that comes in mind.As per scientists, it is already technically possible to take back up of brain and memories contained in it.However in next twenty years this would be more easy as nanobot computer machines can be introduced in our blood that can heal our bodies, improve our performance and even be able to back up all the contents of brain.Wooaaa :)



If this is possible then it would be a huge technological leap.Can you even imagine what advantages this magical technology growth can have ? By backing memories we can say that there would be no memory loss cases . I mean till the last restore point or back up point, memory can be regained.Sounds funny but seriously it would be very helpful to some extent.Just imagine its like you restoring your memory to a date few weeks back and if you met someone after last back up point, that person details is missing. ha ha :P

On a serious note , it would definitely be considered as one of the biggest achievement in computer technology.Also one’s brain backup can be added to other person brain.So instead of super computers we can have super human brains with all the knowledge in the world.ha ha :)

On the other side what if these brain memories backup is hacked or leaked on web ? :P Which human brain memories back up you want to have in your own brain.Some Rock Star or Politician. ha ha :)
What’s your take on it ? Do share your opinion.Given an opportunity to have memories of other human brain added to yours which personality you would have selected ?

I may go for some politician or a mathematician . ha ha
Kudos to computer nano technology :)
Proud to be a Software Engineer :)

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