Install Android SDK on Windows 7

Android SDK on Windows 7

Android SDK on Windows 7

Recently I installed Android SDK on Windows 7(64 bit) and I faced few issues while installing android SDK.So let us see what are the common issues you can face while installing Android SDK on Windows 7 (64 bit).The first step is downloading Android SDK.Make sure you have JDK installed on your system.You can download it from the recommended executable file installer_r08-windows.exe.Once downloaded try to install it.It will prompt a message “Java SE Development kit (JDK) not found”.This may come as surprise to you as you have already installed JDK.To overcome this issue, just click on the back button and then click next.This time it will find JDK installed in the system.I don’t know what is the bug or reason behind this.However this worked for me.

Android SDK on Windows 7 - JDK not Found

Android SDK on Windows 7 - JDK not Found

Click on next and install it.Once you installed Android SDK on Windows 7 , open SDK Manager.You can find the icon on the desktop.Now you need to install SDK Platform Package.For that go to Available Package option , you can find several platforms available.Try installing anyone.You may find the prompt which mention that nothing is installed.This is another issue which I faced.When I am trying to install then why is it not installing.If you see in the details it is trying to create some directories which it can’t so it is not installing the package.Now we know the issue and the resolution of this issue is also very simple.On your desktop where there is SDK Manager icon, right click on the icon and select the option “Run as Administrator”.Now try installing the package and this time it will install the package.
Have you installed Android SDK on Windows 7 ? Did you face these issues ? Do you have any other resolution to these issues ? Were the resolution mentioned above worked for you ? Do share your experience.

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4 comments on “Install Android SDK on Windows 7

  1. RJ says:

    Thanks heaps for this article – I had these exact same issues was about to throw my Win7 laptop out the window with frustration! They should really configure the installers properly for Win7.

  2. Kishan Thakker says:

    Thanx a lot. This is very simple step by step tips for installation, but very useful tip is given. Like installer has to be executed in administrator mode. I was trying to install android SDK on win 7 (32bit) but was unable to install and giving weird messages like unable to open rar file in tools directory. This instaruction has helped me in installing the SDK successfully.
    Once again thankyou very much.

  3. RAJ says:

    Hi Kishan

    Thanks for appreciating the work. I actually myself faced these issues so I thought of sharing it. Felt good it help someone. :)

  4. Farhan says:

    Hey guys android.sdk is used for what,i dnt understand please help

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