List of Temple Run 2 Daily Challenges

Temple Run 2 -List of Daily Challenges

Temple Run 2 -List of Daily Challenges

Temple Run 2 recently released new update to the game and with Version 1.1.1 , daily challenges have been added to the game. When you complete the daily challenge in stipulated time , you get free coins or gems. Below is the list of Daily Challenges in Temple Run 2:

  1. Collect 5 Gems : Reward is 250 coins.
  2. Collect 5,000 coins: Reward is 500 coins.
  3. Run 1,000m : Reward is 250 coins.
  4. Use 5 Save Me’s: Reward is 750 coins.
  5. Collect 500 coins in one run: Reward is 1000 coins.
  6. Run 10,000 m: Reward is 500/1000 coins.
  7. Score 250,000 points: Reward is 750 coins.
  8. Collecting 15 Powerups: Reward is 500 coins.

* will be adding more with time.

There is a bug with the timer in Daily Challenge in Temple Run 2. The timer is using your mobile Date & Time for checking Next Challenge time. So if you modify your mobile date & time, you can play next day challenge too. The timer checks the 12 midnight time from your mobile to issue new challenge. If you wish to play the challenge in advance, just move the mobile clock forward and then open Temple Run2 and check the Timer value. In this way, you can play all the challenges. The problem with this bug is , it may crash the application and next time when you open the application, all the previous challenge details be missing. It has been more than 24 hours and I am not getting any more daily challenges. Only the timer is ticking however no new challenge is unlocked. However, if you can’t wait for hours to complete next challenge , you may try above mentioned trick at your own risk.

Let me know if it works for you.

Update: The timer is not working for me and has stopped. Now there are no Daily Challenges coming. Waiting for the update.

Update: Now after updating the game to Temple Run 2 Version 1.2, daily & weekly challenges are working fine. In fact, you even get a reminder banner message if your daily task is incomplete and time is running out.

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33 comments on “List of Temple Run 2 Daily Challenges

  1. RCH says:

    The challenge appears to be random, but they are all around run 5000 coin difficulty. I have seen: run 500 meters without collecting a coin, collect 5 gems, collect 5000 coins, and some others I cannot remember.

    I have done the 5+ day challenge once and I got 5 gems, I’m not sure if that reward is always the same or if it it’s also random. I’ll post back as I find more out.

    • Raj says:

      Thanks Rob for the information. However I doubt if they will throw random challenges every day. I think it is based on the “Day”. Like 1st day challenge would be COLLECT 5 Gems for everyone. If you are at second day, then your challenge should be to collect 5,000 coins…
      Will share more information as I re-confirm it.

  2. Raj says:

    Hi Rob. I tried confirming your point and you are right. Temple Run 2 is throwing random challenge on different “Day” challenges. Like 1st Day challenge can be: Collect 5 gems or Run 1000 m.

  3. Deepak Chhoker says:

    My timer is running but not getting any new challenges . please fix the bug

  4. professor Wolfgang says:

    Hi there,

    I completed five or six day challenges and all 3 week challenges, but now there are no new challenges showing up. I didn’t use the ‘time and date changing cheat’

    • Raj says:

      Hi Professor.
      If you have completed all three weekly challenges in that case wait for next week to begin. New Challenges will come automatically when new week will start.

  5. lisa says:

    I, too, completed all the challenges there were. new day, new week starts but there aren’t any challenges no more. is there an explaination? I think it is like that since saturday (6th april)

    • Raj says:

      Hi Lisa. It is very common issue. We may expect an upgrade to overcome this problem. Even for me, all challenges are done. Now only timer is ticking in Daily Challenges however no new challenge is coming even when timer resets.

  6. david says:


    When the week reset, I get a message that says “No Challenges This Week” on the weekly challenges screen???

    • Raj says:

      Hi David.
      Even for me , I am getting the same message “No Challenges This Week”. I even tried not to complete one of the Weekly objective out of three to check if the incomplete objective is moved to next week. However, even the incomplete objective is gone and now there are No Weekly Challenges available.

  7. Wendy says:

    In temple two I would like to get the other caraters out but I cannot get past two to three thousand coins what do I do
    Wendy thank you

    • Raj says:

      Are you using head start at the start of the game which will use coins? Don’t use head start at the start of the game and accumulate coins and then you can unlock other characters too.

  8. Tom says:

    I’m on Day 25 in a row of the Daily Challenges and it appears the prizes only go up to 10 Gems or 10,000 Coins.

  9. Kenzo1654 says:

    I’ve completed level 8 in temple run 2 and now level 9 does not show any objectives?
    I keep playing but the completion bar remains blank. Any hints?

    • Raj says:

      Hi Kenzo
      Till now I have not seen anyone who has mentioned that he is not facing any issue in Level 8 and Level 9 Objectives completion. I am expecting some update for the Temple Run 2 version.

      • Bubbletowngal says:

        Same with me about level 9. There are no level objectives and the completion bar stays blank although I continue to play.

    • Amirfa says:

      Same with me. Level 9 shows no objectives

  10. sarath says:

    i completed 28 days and 4 weeks.. still getting new challenges. however some rewards are really wierd. once the challenge was to collect 100 coins and i got 10000 coins as reward. another was to run 750 without coin and the reward was 1 coin!!!!

  11. Vimraj says:

    I changed date and time to get challenges quickly. But now daily and weekly challenge don’t come. What is the solution? Or I should reinstall it?

  12. Vimraj says:

    I edited date and time. Now challenges don’t appear. What should I do?

  13. Anonymous says:

    the thing is that if u try to cheat they discover this and that is the punishment

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ive never seen a challenge . I wait until 12 bc thats when the timer says 0 but no challenge ever comes.

  15. Anonymous says:

    No new challenges on IPad, please fix.

  16. christine says:

    no new challenges. i did change the tome when i was travelling, not for cheatimg.

  17. Lamby says:

    I don’t ever see what the challenge is, there is no description. I see all the reward values for the different days, but in the window where I’d expect it to tell me what I need to do, it just displays the time till the next challenge.

  18. c says:

    My daily and weekly challenges are not being added to my scores.

  19. Jaishree says:

    How do i complete 12 consecutive daily challenges in level 9? i tried moving the clock and completing the challenges, but when the calendar moves to a new week, the progress bar of 12 consecutive daily challenges objective starts from the beginning.

  20. brandy howard says:

    why won’t it tell me what my daily challenge is?

  21. avante ideas says:

    temple run 2 world records are being set at

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