Everything you should know about Facebook Chat Heads

Facebook Chat Heads

Facebook Chat Heads

Facebook has just now launched new upgrade for Facebook Application for iPhone and iPad devices Facebook 6.0. The upgrade comes with Chat Heads which is available in Facebook Home on Android Platform however Facebook Home is still not available on iOS. Facebook Chat Heads creates a circular icons of your friends with whom you are chatting. Whenever a new message will come , a bubble with the message will be displayed for 2 seconds and then it will disappear. To check the message just click on round icon of your friend and messages with that friend will open. To close the Facebook Chat Heads, click on icon already selected. All the Chat Heads will group into one and single icon would be visible on your screen. To see all the messages from all friends, click on left most chat head icon.

Why we should like Facebook Chat Heads?

  • You can message as well as check news feeds simultaneously with minimal swapping of windows.
  • The new chat layout looks nice and easy to use.
  • The Facebook Chat Heads can be drag and drop and placed at a place on your Facebook Application screen where you find it most comfortable.

Why we should not like Facebook Chat Heads?

  • At a time you can have only 4 chat heads.
  • Some people prefer clean screen and Facebook chat heads pop-up on the screen may be little irritating for them.
  • You should have your Facebook Application open to use Chat Heads. The dependency on Application is reducing the Facebook Chat Heads advantage.

Have you updated your Facebook Application on your iOS device ? Is your Facebook Application crashing after the update ? Are you using Chat Heads ? Do you find it good ?

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