Amaze your friends with Facebook Sticker

Facebook today launched new version of Facebook Application Facebook 6.0.1 and also launches Facebook Sticker for iOS devices. Facebook Sticker are big smilies or big emoticons which will make Facebook Chat more exciting. As if now the Facebook Sticker is very new and not many people know about it, you can surely amaze your friends with these huge smilies. Facebook Stickers are available on iOS devices , iPhone and iPad only. To send Facebook Sticker, tap on small smiley icon on text box while you are chatting with your friend. A list of Facebook Sticker would appear. Just select the Sticker and it will be sent to your friend and next reply from your friend may be “Wow. How did you get this smiley ?”. :) I have amazed several of my friends and now it is your turn to amaze your friends. You can add more types of Facebook Sticker , by selecting the CART icon in Facebook Sticker list. It will open Sticker Store and you can download the Sticker you want to. As if now all the Facebook Sticker are free however we may expect paid Facebook Sticker in future. Now addition of Facebook Sticker and Facebook Chat Heads has definitely added spice to Facebook Messenger. I personally like Facebook Sticker and looking forward for more Sticker options in Facebook Application.

We have so many reasons to like Facebook Sticker however we may not like Facebook Sticker ?

  • Since Facebook Sticker is big and occupies almost complete screen , it adds more scrolling if you wish to check previous chats.
  • In the list of Facebook Sticker, as soon as you select the Facebook Sticker, it will be shared with your friends and there is no confirmation or send button is required to send Sticker.
  • There are still few old android mobile phones which cannot display Facebook Stickers. So if you are chatting with your friends who is using Android phones , he may not see stickers or it may take some time to load. Hence making it less meaningful.

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5 comments on “Amaze your friends with Facebook Sticker

  1. akshay says:

    can i use sticker in chrome in pc

    • Raj says:

      Hi Akshay.
      As if now the Stickers are not available for PC browsers. You can view the Facebook Stickers on PC browsers if someone has sent it to you via mobile. But you cannot send it; you can only view it. Facebook Stickers are available in Facebook Application on Mobile only.

    • how do we change them? I have a few but want to get rid of them and try new ones how do i do that??? They showed up on there and i did not put them there,how did they get there?? If i don’t want them how do i get rid of them, i sure do not want to pay for them!!!!

  2. ramees says:

    itz not like that ,, u can also send stickers via pc browsers,,all u have to do is,,,, ho to is go to
    then selcet a sticker u like ,,, and name the person that u want to send the sticker and u can also say something to him,,,,,,,,, if its find difficult for u ,then just go to

    and sorry for my bad english

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